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Your Crowley Dentist

Orthodontist who understand

Get ready for a unique orthodontic experience at Today Dental in Crowley! Our orthodontists aren’t just skilled – they’re parents who totally get the braces and Invisalign journey. It’s like a personalized touch for your smile!

Budget friendly approach

Searching for affordable braces or Invisalign? Your Crowley dentist is the answer! We offer low down payments and payment plans that suit your needs.

All your needs in one office

Experience family dentistry, implants, dentures, and orthodontics, all in one place. Opt for Invisalign or braces with assurance from our board-certified orthodontist.

Experienced orthodontist

Experience the pinnacle of care with our board-certified orthodontist. We use the highest-quality orthodontic materials for beautiful results to last a lifetime.

Invisalign: The invisible braces!

Fall in love with Invisalign – the almost invisible solution for a straighter smile! Rest easy knowing we’re Invisalign certified with a track record of over 750 successful cases.

Age-defying smiles

Who says you can’t have a confident smile at any age? Today Dental of Crowley is here to prove them wrong. Experience the joy of Invisalign or braces, restoring your beaming smile and boosting your dental hygiene game with straighter teeth!

Affordable braces

At Today Dental of Crowley, braces (or Invisalign aligners) are for anyone and everyone! Low down payments and spaced out payment plans makes braces more affordable than ever. Don’t stress, we’ve got you!

Experienced Orthodontists

With kids of our own, our orthodontists at Today Dental of Crowley understand exactly where you’re coming from when it comes to braces or Invisalign® clear aligners.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

We love Invisalign clear aligners! For those that want a nearly invisible way to straighten their teeth, Invisalign treatment is the answer! We are Invisalign certified and have done over 1000 Invisalign cases.

All under one roof

Yes we do family dentistry, implants, dentures and you guessed it… orthodontics, all under one roof. Why go to multiple offices when you can stay in Crowley and get your invisalign or braces from a board certified orthodontist?


Your Crowley board certified orthodontist is well known for their drive to deliver the best service imaginable. Our orthodontic team uses only the highest orthodontic materials that have withstood the test of time.

Straight teeth at any age

You’re never too old to get back your confidence in your smile. Today Dental of Crowley can restore your smile through Invisalign aligners or braces to get you beaming from ear to ear. Also get the hygiene benefits of straighter teeth!

Perfect Smile, Perfect You!


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Megan B.

Friendly staff and dentist was great and very fast! they were great with my children. I had a situation that needed to be taken care of immediately and they got my daughter in same day for an exam and a baby root canal! Definitely will be coming back regularly

Trinity J.

My 1st visit today was most welcoming. For someone who is terrified of the dentist I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Ledesma and staff walked me through everything and explained all my needs. Great place. I will be letting the take care of my needs forward!

Gavino C.

Called this establishment for confirmation on walk-in appointments. I showed up and was seen in a matter of minutes. The staff is phenomenal and I received all the answers and care I needed. Highly recommended location.

Denese P.

It was my first time here and I definitely chose the right place. The dentist, hygienist and staff were professional and very nice ! They made me feel so welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to transform my smile at Today Dental of Crowley?

The path to your perfect Crowley smile is as unique as you are! Factors like tooth spacing, bone structure, and age all influence treatment duration. Minor adjustments can be achieved quickly, with Invisalign Express 10 taking as little as 5 months. However, complex cases may require up to 3 years. Nervous about the commitment? At Today Dental, we offer free consultations to discuss treatment options and create a personalized roadmap tailored just for you. Get started on your smile journey today!

What's the financial outlay for Today Dental of Crowley orthodontics?

Naturally, costs depend on the time needed to achieve a dazzling smile. Shorter treatment plans are generally more budget-conscious. For the average patient, traditional braces typically range from $3,500 to $6,000. Minor adjustments can even be as low as $1,600. Concerned about fitting orthodontics into your budget? We understand braces and Invisalign can be a financial investment. That's why Today Dental offers flexible financing options to fit your needs, including low down payments and extended plans (18-36 months).

What will happen during my initial consultation with the orthodontist?

Curious about your first appointment? During your 1-1.5 hour visit, we prioritize your comfort and understanding. We'll take a special X-ray (Cephalogram) to map your unique bone structure. Our board-certified orthodontist will then conduct a thorough examination and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your desired smile goals. This plan will encompass your preferred approaches (traditional braces or Invisalign), costs, and estimated timeframe. Ask any questions you may have! In most cases, we can even get you started with braces on the same day!

Should I choose braces or Invisalign in Crowley?

Both traditional braces (metal brackets and wires) and Invisalign (clear aligners) effectively straighten teeth and correct bite issues, but they cater to different priorities. Invisalign offers a more subtle appearance, making it popular for adults seeking a less noticeable treatment. However, Invisalign can be more prone to staining and often carries a higher price point. Traditional braces are known for their durability and effectiveness in treating complex cases, often at a lower cost. While less aesthetically pleasing, discomfort with traditional braces is usually manageable. Schedule a free consultation to discuss which option best aligns with your unique needs and lifestyle!

Can I switch to a Today Dental of Crowley orthodontist mid-treatment?

Absolutely! We understand that life throws curveballs, and we're committed to helping you achieve your smile goals regardless of when you started treatment. Our team at Today Dental of Crowley welcomes patients at any point in their orthodontic journey, whether you're just beginning or nearing completion. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options and ensure a seamless transition in your orthodontic care.